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Welcome to my NOW page :)

Thank you for contacting me. I’m sorry I can’t respond individually, but with the hundreds of inquiries and special requests I receive daily I don’t have time to respond to each one personally while also dedicating the time I need in order to achieve my current goals.

I’m currently working on bettering my music production work, mixing skills, and ability to play guitar, drums, piano, and bass at a high level of proficiency. I’m planning to release most of my new English language music through my band NOBLE BLACK (think Prince meets Elton John). I’ll also be continuing to release Filipino language music through my solo work as David DiMuzio.

Please subscribe to NOBLE BLACK on YouTube here:

To book me for a live performance please contact: Rick Hubbard at -

To book an individual vocal lesson with me via Skype email:
...I only give a few individual vocal lessons per-month, but I will try to fit you into my scheduled. My fee is $100 USD for a one hour lesson.

For all other inquiries email:
…if I do not respond then my answer is either "thank you” “no” or “not right now”. I do read all emails and appreciate all inquiries and personal messages.

Sincerely, David
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